Yourte finistère sud

The yurts of the South Finistère

Yurts in southern Brittany?? What could be more normal!! If you like to travel without going too far… Come!! It’s zen, it’s round, it’s out of time. Our Mongolian yurts are in the south Finister, in nature. An unusual stay in yurt, green, in southern Brittany, near Quimperlé. An unusual holiday to share with family, couple or friends.

The yurts are cleaned/disinfected between each stay.

(see Protocol HERE)


Booking live, without intermediaries, at the best price.

Three large yurts in southern Brittany for an unusual stay in south Finistère.

Mongolian yurts: inside the Mongolian yurt.
The natural yurt for 4 people.   

They are real Mongolian yurts with their decorated furniture.

Three yurts in the south Finister. 

  • An unusual stay in south Finister.
  • Three Mongolian yurts, three cocoons of well-being.
  • You’re in South Mongolia Finister.
  • It is a sustainable, ecological, comfortable and family-friendly habitat.
  • A hushed and cozy atmosphere all round.
  • 23 m² of tranquillity, just for you in the valley of Saint Mady.
  • You can rent our yurts by night or during the week.
Southern Mongolian yurts: the orange yurt
The orange yurt for 4 people.

Comfortable and welcoming Mongolian yurts in southern Brittany.

  • A large bed of 140 x 200 and two beds one person.
  • And a Mongolian-style wardrobe and dresser to store your laundry.
  • A Mongolian table and its stools that make children happy.
  • On the carpet floor.

Yurts and comfort:

  • Outside, sunbeds, a picnic table and rabbits.
  • All of our Mongolian yurts are insulated and heated.
  • We provide bedding (duvet, sheets, pillows and extra blanket just in case) but be sure to bring your laundry.
  • You have access to the shared kitchen which includes hot plates, three sinks, a microwave, a refrigerator, a coffee maker, a teapot. You can bring your cooler.
  • This year, we can provide the necessary dishes, for safety in boxing and after washing at 60°C: plates, glasses, cutlery, bowls, within our stocks – one pan and one frying pan per family.
  • Camping amenities are available: toilets, spacious showers, sinks, baby bathtub and changing area, washing machine, picnic tables, BBQ.
Mongolian yurts Brittany South: unusual accommodation in nature.
In the middle of nature, 1.5 km from the sea.

Mongolian yurt tariff

Number of personsfrom 01 April to 30 September
2 people72€ par nuit
3 people72 € per night
4 2 people102 € per night
can be cancelledfree of charge 10 days before your arrival.
Free for COVID reasons

  • Taxes are included and breakfast is extra: 7 euros per person.
  • We accept cash and bank cards : american xpress, visa, master card.
Yurts in Brittany: the room of the blue yurt

Yurts for 4 people.

In the southern finistère, the structure of the Mongolian yurt at the
The wooden structure of Mongolian yurts
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