To come to the Old Mill in Clohars-Carnoet

To locate Clohars-Carnoet where our rentals are.… it’s simple: it’s by the sea, it’s in the South Finister.

Clohars-Carnoet is the last commune in South Finistère before Morbihan.

Press the least, at the bottom right of the map to de-zoom and see the sea, we are 1.5 km by the hollow paths and paths and 2 km from Clohars-Carnoet.Click “Here”and it can calculate your trip.

Offshore, there is the island of Groix, a little to the right of the Glénan archipelago and a little further….. it’s America.

By car, towards Clohars-Carnoet:

Clohars-Carnoet South Finistère

  • Coming from Rennes_Lorient, do not enter Lorient, go out to Guidel and then head towards Clohars-Carnoet.
  • From Brest_Quimper, go out to Quimperlé, Kervidanou ramp and take Clohars-Carnoet.
  • The great travelers you are will arrive without  problem at the foot of the church of Clohars-Carnoêt.
  • Take the 1.2 km to Le Pouldu and pass a first roundabout and then in front of the fire station out of town and go to the Langlazic roundabout.
  • Continue to Le Pouldu for 800m.
  • Take the second paved road to the left, just before a roundabout.
  • Go to the feet of the windmill, you have arrived…]:-)

If you arrive on this third roundabout, don’t panic, go around, come back to Clohars-Carnoet, you should see the windmill.

I’ll see you right now.

On foot, on horseback or by boat… to Clohars-Carnoet:


  • Carpool area from Kervidanou to Quimperlé.
  • PenMané’s in Guidel.
  • LeroyMerlin Carpool Area in Queven.

All carpooling areas HERE.

By GR 34:

Walking shoes

  • it passes 2 km from our home, along the sea to Mont Saint Michel.

By the sea:

Clohars-Carnoet South Finistère

  • Port of Doellan to Clohars- Carnoet at 2.5 km.
  • The one in Lorient, 20 km away.
  • Port of the Belon 8 km away.

From the air:

Clohars-Carnoet South Finistère

  • Lorient_Lannbihoué 15km closest to Clohars-Carnoet.
  • Brest_Guipavas Airport 115 km away.
  • Airport Nantes_Atlantique 190 km.

By the railway:

Clohars-Carnoet South Finistère

  • Quimperlé station 13 km closest to Clohars-Carnoet.
  • The new lorient station is 18 km away.
  • Quimper’s 45 km away.

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