petit camping écolo à la ferme

Small green campsite

A small green campsite on the farm.

"Welcome to the Farm" label

It is a small eco-friendly campsite of 20 pitches over 1 hectare, in the greenery 1.5 km from the sea and shops, between the beaches and the village of Clohars-Carnoet.

Laita's natural camping area

Vehicles are only allowed to enter the field for guests to set up and take down tents and caravans. Motorhomes or vans are welcome.

The rest of the time no vehicle on the ground, no late re-entry all lights on and children can play in peace.

Small campsite but full of resources: the guests’ large shared kitchen.

  • Our small campsite is equipped with a “shared kitchen” with hot plates, microwaves, sinks, BBQ, which is enough to taste oysters, crabs and other local delicacies.
  • This year we ask our guests to bring their own dishes.
  • It is possible to cool your ice packs.
  • An important rule is that you should never even dry dishes on drains and sinks.
  • Two barbecues are available outside.
  • Two charging stations for phones, cameras, computers.
  • And very friendly guests.


To purchase local and seasonal produce thanks to, many local producers and markets Click HERE

Small campsite: shared kitchen
A shared kitchen only works if everyone plays by the rules and wait for his/her turn.
But don’t worry: since we are a small campsite, it generally goes smoothly. This year we cannot provide dishes so please bring yours.

A small green campsite certainly, but with all the convenience.

  • Sanitary with a dedicated cabin with a shower, a sink and toilets accessible to disabled people.
  • 3 spacious and hot showers,
  • A dedicated baby corner with bathtub and shower,
  • 3 sinks, 3 toilets, 1 vegetable sink,
  • 2 laundry bins, a washing machine and stainless steel linen.
Small campsite: baby bathtub and shower
The baby corner: a dedicated place with bathtub and shower and changing corner.
small campsite: showers, sinks, toilet
The toilets: spacious showers, laundry bins, washing machine etc.

An eco-friendly campsite to fullfil everyone’s needs.

We didn’t invent anything but we made it….

  • Water is heated without fossil fuels thanks to 16 m2 of solar panels.
small eco-friendly campsite: solar hot water
Solar panels make hot water for everyone.
  • Wastewater is purified by plants in a waste stabilization pond.
  • We sort waste selectively: composting, sorting glass and packaging.
  • And the light only works if you’re present.
  • We use water savers and low-energy light bulbs.
  • Electric or normal bikes can be rented by ours guests.

Camping prices

April 01
September 30
per person6 €
under 15
5 €
Per tent _ caravan6 €
Motorhome _ Van6 €
electricity 10 A5 €

Cash and bank cards accepted.

Contact us and book: Click HERE

Natural camping area Brittany
Four picnic tables outside

If you’re worried about folding your wet tente, book a yurt for your last night: click HERE or the trailer: click HERE